HIV Proteomics Resource

HIV Proteomics Resource contains information about each HIV-1 gene product in regard to expression, post-transcriptional / post-translational modifications, localization, functional activities, and potential interactions with viral and host macromolecules.

Cite the resource by citing the following paper:
Doherty R et al. BioAfrica's HIV-1 Proteomics Resource: Combining protein data with bioinformatics tools. Retrovirology (2005), 9;2(1):18

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HIV Proteome Information on structure, sequence, references and tutorials for each of the HIV-1 proteins.

HIV-1 Cleavage Sites Information on the position and sequence of the Gag, Pol and Nef cleavage sites.

HIV Protein Data Mining Tool Uses dynamic linking between the HIV-1 M group isolates (subtype A to K) proteins to specific protein sequence databases and tools.

Proteomics Online Tools Links to data and tools available for both protein sequence and protein structure analyses of HIV.

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